Valley Bank

After the strategy team had identified and researched the HOA opportunity we set to work planning and understanding the needs of each audience segment. Property managers and Board members were focussed on (for MLP), and we started sketching ideas around ‘the personalised face to face sale’ and making it work digitally.

We created a tool that allowed unsure customers to self identify and through a series of simple questions provide Valley with their Home Owners Association size and spend & save amounts. They were also able to select ‘agreement statements’ that they could relate to – these statements provided a pathway for the bank to push relevant knowledge and expertise to the customer. Of course, this was used as a way to capture leads by the team, the customer had inadvertently shown interest and parted with basic information that allowed the bank to contact them (if they hadn’t gone on to apply) and this experience felt more personal.

There was also a perception barrier that switching HOA banks is a cumbersome, time consuming process. This was true of the application process. Working closely with stakeholders we were able to streamline the form and created ‘customer streams’ to reduce non relevant noise further . The form was designed progressively and used natural conversational language. Through user testing it was noted that the onboarding process was smooth and easy by Property managers and Board Members alike.

I was the primary UX/UI designer on this project and worked closely with the strategy teams. We followed an agile framework and I was present in multiple weekly meetings with stakeholders, product owners and developers. I was responsible for concept, brand development, and hand off to the dev teams using Abstract.

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