National Rail

Working on this during lockdown allowed me to focus and immersive myself in the work. I’m proud of what I achieved in the time I had.

I was the UX/UI designer for our pitch to National Rail – working closely with the strategy team to concept and create high fidelity prototypes to convey different core aspects of the customers experience and within multiple personas, commuter, leisure traveller for example.

We had multiple core areas to cover from Journey Planning, Live Departures, through to alerting pre, during and post journey. Another aspect of the pitch was innovation – we presented a few ideas with the ‘new commute’ in mind.

The pandemic has changed how we work and where we work (probably for good) – the old season tickets are out and flexible tickets are in. However, the rail ticket system in the UK is complex and a lot of people are probably buying the wrong ticket and out of pocket! We came up with a comparison solution whereby NRE does all the work with a little input from the customer.

So – 9 prototypes, 3 innovation pieces and a video later we wait. However regardless of the verdict we worked really hard (remotely and collaboratively) and are proud of what we achieved.

There’s a little ‘hush’ around the work found on here… I’ll hopefully be able to post more soon šŸ˜‰

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