My experience

“I’m passionate about problem-solving, the challenges, finding opportunities, and putting the ideas together.”

Lead Experience Designer
April 2017 – present
UX and UI design, leading teams, brand workshops, mentoring.

Moving into more complex data challenges – with end-to-end UX and UI design for the financial and transport industries. Working alongside strategy, data and development teams using Agile methodologies wherever possible.

I work with a varied team of strategists, experience designers and developers and through collaboration with our clients and their customers – try to adhere to an Agile philosophy to deliver great digital experiences.

I have worked on various projects for a range of companies/clients such as: Visa, Aviva, Janus Henderson,
First Great Western (GWR), Arriva, Monitise, Moat, RBS, Valley Bank, Homeserve and Artemis.

April 2007 – 2017
UX and UI design

Working on a variety of digital channels for Monitise and VISA (mobile payment POCs and Apps). Bringing to life sponsorship opportunity’s off and online for entertainment clients such as ITV STUDIOS (MIPTV & MIPCOM), Channel 4 and Discovery Networks. Hospitality mobile apps and websites for Spirit Pub Group, gamification apps to enhance the dining experience.

April 2004 – 2007
Print and digital design

Working for a variety of design agencies/consultancies in and around London. TRUE, Ogilvy, Enterprise IG Nexus and others.

The Design Practice
Information Designer
April 2002 – 2004
Print design

The Design Practice was a small design studio within the college. I worked under Malcolm Southward (8vo) producing printed materials for departments within the college ranging from small leaflets to college prospectuses and we sourced work from outside the campus. I was involved in every aspect from the design through to production and delivery.

About me

I was always drawn to coloured graphic shapes, puzzles, and elements – how they are all connected? How they adapt and evolve. I used to take things apart (like my mum’s sewing machine, sorry mum!) and draw the bits and shapes inside – obviously putting it back together again… sort of?!

My fascination led me to the London College of Communication where I completed a number of courses including a BA Hons in Information Design. This degree really taught me how to ‘think’, putting myself in someone else’s shoes and understanding a different perspective, ensuring it was communicated too many rather than a few. We call this User Experience today.

From here I secured a job in The Design Practice – run by Malcolm Southward (8vo) this was a collective between a leaders, mentors, and LCC departments. We sourced work from the University of the Arts and from outside the institute. The work was predominately print-based and my love of a good ‘grid’ deepened. I learned a lot and mentored a few graduates within my time here.

A few years later I became a free-lancer and undertook a variety of different jobs in small agencies in and around London. Through a twist of fate I took a months placement in a company called Or Multimedia – and have yet to leave!

Or Multimedia, OR-Media, and presently ORM. During my many years here I have worked on a variety of different projects across a large array of sectors. From media and marketing campaigns for Channel 4 and ITV through to brand repositioning and global web projects for investment banks.

When i’m not working I’m mum to two girls aged 6 and 2 and any downtime I do manage to get would probably be spent reading and researching anything and everything!

I am at my best and happiest with a challenge, something that makes me think “how the hell am I going to do this?

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