Janus Henderson

I was proud of what we achieved in a short period of time – working side by side with the design team proved vital and felt inclusive – it was a partnership.

Janus Henderson – stakeholder

The challenge:
Janus Capital Group and Henderson Global Investors merged to form Janus Henderson Investors. Following the merger, the asset management firm had the large task of amalgamating the multiple websites they had on different CMS platforms, with different brand identities and disparate visual approaches. This specific project presented numerous challenges – from a global project management perspective to the fact they had only recently merged as a new company.  

The opportunity:
This project (10 x 1 week sprints) provided an opportunity to become fully immersed and make speedy, fundamental decisions on the new global brand and overall digital experience. A foundation that continues to allow Janus Henderson to be able to evolve their digital presence. Role

My role:
I was a lead designer on this project and, as such, was responsible for the in-house relationship with the client. I facilitated brand workshops and provided various concept ideations through to the breakdown of components, design patterns and weekly presentations within the sprints to both the UK and US side of the business. I was also responsible for the handover and spec for the development teams. 

Examples of page layouts – from left to right.
Product page(s) – there were 2 templates that featured multiple complex components that differed per product and and region.
Insights page – featuring articles /rich media from Janus experts.
Digital style guide – to ensure consistency whilst in the project and after.

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