Home safety repairs – new website strategy and design

“We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working and the team have made this seamless and efficient, meaning we’re making excellent progress already…”

Kristy McCready, Director of Marketing Communications at HomeServe

Homeserve were looking for a partner to help them optimise their website for search and other digitally derived traffic, this included improving the overall user experience and streamlining content to increase engagement and reduce drop-offs during application.

This project started around the beginning of the pandemic and we had to quickly adapt to working remotely. Using Miro and Figma we were able to work collaboratively and move quickly through wires and into high-fidelity prototypes.

I was tasked as the Lead Designer and worked closely with another UX Lead. My specific tasks included, UI component design for mobile web and desktop. A requirement of this was to refresh the Homeserve brand and through discussions with stakeholders I delivered a brand that focussed on the smile within the mark to promote positivity. Rounded corners on the digital elements softened the design and complemented the conversational tone. It tested well and continues to evolve today.

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